The storage, transmission and sharing of information is supported by servers, therefore one of the most important areas for corporate systems is the installation of appropriate service systems. Service systems represent a unit of server and software systems that are able to execute specific processes in a secure and reliable manner. A professionally designed and established system is an investment that will be recovered. Operational security and dynamic operations provided in a cost-efficient manner.
For our customers service systems dimensioned as required will be established. Accurate planning, robust design, fault-tolerant and extendable subsystems operating in a reliable manner, including software systems in support of business processes. With the help of our service, the operation and undisturbed operational security of our systems can be provided in the long term. By the proper application of the system of rules pertaining to servers, required data security and compliance with IT audits can be guaranteed for the entirety of the company.
In order to provide for advanced level operations of server systems we recommend our IT Supervision and IT Operation services.


  • Provision of stable environment for the running of software in operation on the servers.
  • Secure storage of corporate data and those requiring special security.
  • Provision of constant, stable environment for work processes.
  • Secure and automated data saving and archiving of data.
  • Performance of tasks required to comply with security rules.
  • Within the corporate network, surveillance of corresponding privileges.
  • Fault tolerance, special standard availability.
  • Server virtualization.


  • Microsoft Windows Server Solutions.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server system.
  • Microsoft SQL Server system.
  • Veeam Backup & Replication solutions.
  • Veeam Data portection solutions.
  • Linux Solutions.
  • Virtualization.