ICACO SYSTEM Kft. provides professional services in the fields of information technology and telecommunications. The key profile of our Company is the supervision operation of IT systems, performed by us since the establishment of our Company, for almost 20 years now, to the satisfaction of our customers. Our expert staff dispose of excellent technical experience in the fields of telecommunications, information technology and commerce.
To our domestic and global customers we provide uninterrupted and safe operations of the firewalls, networks and servers supporting their systems, mostly in an almost invisible manner, by way of background support. The scope of our services includes the ongoing analysis of any changes to the systems supervised, and we prepare those for the elimination of potential hazards, thus ensuring the continuity of the normal course of business.
In order to ensure the quality of our services, we have a quality assurance system in place, audited as per the ISO 9001/27001 standards. The implementation of our established system of requirements is monitored on a continuous basis. We also extend our knowledge permanently in order to comply with the demands on behalf of our customers. To follow up on the development of IT technology, to execute and administer any technical modifications required to avert any events emerging on a daily basis and representing threats are serious tasks that can only be mastered by a well-prepared team.
As much as possible, we use the most up-to-date devices available as to information technology in order to comply with the ever increasing technical challenges posed by our modern era. The most recent technical and safety information is entered into our communication and monitoring systems 24/7, in an automated and systemised manner. We implement ongoing technical development projects, ranging from electricity supply systems to the protection of internet connections.
High profile services are indeed expected by our demanding clientele, and in our opinion we do all we can for our customers to be satisfied with us.
We do hope that in the future you will also become a customer of our services!